In 2014 TOP FISHING was established in Brazil with an unique mission to promoting and creating opportunities to Brazilian fishermen who want to experience Canada’s best outdoor adventures. Brazil is the world’s fifth largest country and its population is over 200 million, and millions of them are fishermen. They are always looking for new fishing opportunities. TOP FISHING knows the business potential that Brazilian fishermen have to offer and that’s why it has been casting the line in the Canadian waters. TOP FISHING BRAZIL is already an exclusive representative of Brazilian fishermen to Canada; and British Columbia and Saskatchewan are territories which this company is currently operating.

In order to attend the demand of Canadian fishermen eager to fish in Brazilian waters, TOP FISHING has expanded its operations in 2017 and established TOP FISHING CANADA, a sister company, with its own office offering and providing opportunities to Canadian fishermen who want to have a life time fishing experience in Brazil.


Although TOP FISHING BRAZIL and TOP FISHING CANADA are sisters companies, they work independently to provide you with a better and faster service; but they both have the same mission and mostly operate with the same partners. TOP FISHING companies (Brazil & Canada) have exclusive contracts within Brazil’s and Canada’s best lodges, outfitters and tour agencies, so TOP FISHING can always offer you the best guarantees, prices and fishing experience.

Another thing to keep in mind and make you more comfortable in doing business with us is the fact that we always really care about our image and the trust our customers have on us. That’s why we are very selective when choosing our partners and suppliers to provide you with the best services, no matter if you are fishing in Brazil or Canada. One of our partners and suppliers in Brazil is the official representative for the IGFA – International Game Fish Association in Brazil for over 14 years (the most recognized and respected fishing organization in the world) and also the official Shimano Consultant for Brazil.

You can rest assured that no matter if you are fishing in Brazil or in Canada, with Top Fishing you will always be in good hands.



TOP FISHING is headquartered in Brazil and started its operations in 2014 bringing Brazilian fishermen to Canada, and until today this is an ongoing successful operation.

In the end of 2017, TOP FISHING CANADA was established with the mission to take Canadian fishermen to Brazil and have their lifetime fishing experience in the Amazon Rain Forest (the world’s largest tropical forest) and Pantanal (the world’s largest tropical wetland area, and the world’s densest concentration of animal life).

In 2019, TOP FISHING Canada added to its portfolio a lot of more options for the Canadian fishermen. Now we not only offer accommodations at premier hotel boats, but also the options for lodges and camping (in both Amazon & Pantanal). We have considerably increased the number of packages/destinations and options for the Amazon and Pantanal as well.

Furthermore, TOP FISHING’s new packages for “Deep Sea Fishing” in Thailand and Cuba are about to be announced and added to our 2019 portfolio!

Stay tune, big news are coming soon!



 Ari Batista Neto (Toffee)
Toffee is Top Fishing Brazil’s founder, owner and CEO with more than 30 years of experience in the tourism industry. Toffee is the boss and leader every employee would like to have. He’s not only concerned about his staff but he’s always looking for the best ways to go beyond his customers expectations. He has already established a fishing connection between Brazil and Canada and you are the ones who can benefit from his achievements. Since then, Brazilians fish in Canada and Canadians fish in Brazil. Is it amazing or what?Top Fishing Brazil Head Office (Brazilian Portuguese only)
e-mail: ari@topfishing.tur.br  |  phone: 011-55 (11) 97531-0969
 Luiz Augusto (Guto) Penteado
Guto is Top Fishing Canada’s Owner & CEO.
He is also in charge of all TOP FISHING BRAZIL activities in the Canadian prairies (Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba). Guto is a Brazilian-Canadian citizen who lives in Saskatchewan since 2002. He is a fisherman and a hunter with several years of experience in Brazil and Canada.
Top Fishing Canada Head Office (English & Brazilian Portuguese)
phone: 1-306-717-6674  |  e-mail: fisherman@topfishing.ca
Ed Ramsey
Ed is also a Real Estate Broker, but if you want to find him, he’ll be at his cottage and fishing on the Diefenbaker Lake, SK. He is a fisherman at heart and an expert in the art of Walleye fishing…
Ed Ramsey – Saskatchewan Inquiries (English)
phone: 1-(306) 229-7766  |  e-mail: edramsey@topfishing.ca
Wellington Fonseca
Wellington works with heavy machinery and is a jack of all trades, from construction to mechanics he does it all! Without a shadow of a doubt, Wellington is the biggest fishing aficionado we ever met. Seriously, this guy goes fishing everyday! He is a Brazilian-Canadian citizen and has been living in Edmonton, AB for several years.
Wellington Fonseca – Alberta Inquiries (English & Brazilian Portuguese)
phone: 1-780-667-8192  |  e-mail: wfonseca@topfishing.ca
John Harris
John is a biologist by education and an analytical chemist and technical sales representative by profession. He’s also an avid photographer. His extensive world travels have included the Amazon and Pantanal regions of Brazil and provided him with a love and appreciation for the natural beauty of that country. John speaks some Brazilian Portuguese and continues to learn more when he returns there. Fishing was a huge part of John’s youth at his family’s summer cottage. Joining Top Fishing Canada has rekindled that excitement of landing a trophy fish and helping others to experience that.
John Harris – Ontario Inquiries (English & Brazilian Portuguese)
phone: 1-905-339-9080  |  e-mail: john_harris@topfishing.ca