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*All these comments were translated from their original languages to English for better serving you.



  1. Laurent Wilsdorf

    At first, I’d like to thank you for the awesome week we’ve spent with your team.

    It will be part of our great memories, it was really amazing! I’d like to leave a special hug and congratulations to our guide Orlando!

    The only one thing missing was a big Tucunaré over 8kg. But I missed 2 opportunities… But I’ll catch the huge ones in the next season for sure!

    Hugs to all of you!


  2. Antonio Assis

    As I said, everything was top grade like 1,000, and we didn’t have any illusion or expectations for the big fish, due to the high level of the waters, but even thou it surpassed  our expectations.

    After all, we really have to thank the Kalua crew, they were awesome on their jobs, and also on all the special care dedicated to us. Way to go!

    Hugs and good night!


  3. Douglas Westphal

    All comments I have are positive in all ways.

    There’s no perfection, but you guys can get very close to it… Congrats to your team! And by coincidence or fate we made this trip with an amazing other group. You can wait for us some other time. For sure!

    PS : Congrats to Orlando! (My dad and I). This guy made all he could to make us happy!.
    See you guys soon again.
    Douglas & David


  4. Melchiades Silva

    Despite the high waters of the Rio Negro river when we went to the Amazon, our fishing week there was very productive, especially because of the positive energy and attitude of the people in our group. The Kalua boat staff and their services were excellent! Way to go guys!

    Melchiades F. Silva


  5. Fernando São Tiago

    Without a shadow of a doubt, you guys have a highly trained, dedicated and professional team! Thanks for the great days we spent together! I am eager to be fishing there with you again. Take care!

    Fernando São Tiago


  6. Carlos Henrique Climaco

    I was onboard Kalua fishing in the Amazon in September. The services offered by the boat crew were fantastic and I highly recommend the Kalua Hotel Boat for those who want to fish in the Amazon. On behalf of our group, I would like to thank the entire crew for the great experience and services provided, and please keep up with the good work. Well done!

    Carlos Henrique Climaco – Florianopolis – SC



  7. We were onboard of Kalua in Nov/2013, with our Team Guaxupesca. This was our 4th time fishing in the Amazon, and the Kalua Hotel Boat and its crew went way beyond our expectations to make our fishing trip unforgettable! Now I can honestly say that the Kalua Boat Hotel is the best or at least one of the best fishing companies in the Amazon.

    We made a DVD of our trip and mailed it to you guys. We hope you all like it!

    Thank you Mega, Passarinho and the entire crew! Hope to be back soon!

    Emerson Vasconcelos – Team Guaxupesca – Guaxupé-MG